6 June-7 July 2012. The fourth edition of this dynamic open air festival, better known as MitoFringe, anticipates the great MITO festival, which will take place in Milan and Turin in September 2012.

MitoFringe takes place in 51 different locations, such as squares, streets, libraries, universities, parks, metropolitan areas and stations around Milan and pays an increasing attention to the involvement of device areas. The programme includes 72 classical, jazz, rock, swing, folk and pop music concerts, performed by 290 young and talented international artists and groups.

On Wednesdays at 17.30 there will be an appointment with young musicologists, coming from the G. Verdi Conservatory and the University of Milan and supervised by their professors, who will discuss the concerts on programme for MITO SettembreMusica by touching various thematic strands.

As in the previous editions, the stations of Duomo, Cadorna, Garibaldi and Loreto will host 16 live music performances, performed at the so called Music Corners, which offer moments of respite from the daily grind. Some marching bands, such as Dirty Dixie Jazz Band, Contrabbanda and Nema Problema, will perform their itinerant concerts and cross the centre, various parks as well as the Central Station.

This year’s news includes 12 concerts, which will be performed on board of several trains (leaving and arriving from Milan) during the last week on the festival.

For the first time MitoFringe will take place also inside the Niguarda Hospital with some concerts, which will be exclusively dedicated to its patients.

MitoFringe will end on 7 July with the travelling hippie style TAO Love Bus by the songwriter Tao and his band, who will perform inside their Volkswagen bus from the 1970s.

The aim of this event, dedicated to a transversal public of all ages and tastes, is to bring music outside the concert halls.

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Address At various locations around Milan.

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At various locations around Milan.