MNJ Monday Night Jam

Every Monday at Legend 54, at Monday Night Jam - Theme session, you can play solo or with your band, all the best of international music over the years: from U2 to Depeche Mode, from Springsteen to Pearl Jam, from Metallica to Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Muse, Coldplay, Beatles, Rolling Stones and many more. Never mind if you can play well an instrument or not, if you can sing or just looking for something more than Singstar, join us on stage soon! And for all music lovers, even if you don’t play, stage is "open" to tell stories and bring memorabilia, about the evening theme. Monday 23rd set list is based on “Number 1s” : songs that have been in the charts. So it's impossible not enjoy, then, with a soundtrack including U2, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Foo Figthers, Green Day and many more. We're here every Monday, from 9:30 PM - FREE entrance - so what better way to start the week than join us-up and get a chance to perform, as well as see a variety of other talented artists. Come down have a drink and sing your heart out, or if singings not your thing lol come along anyway! Add MNJ on FB:

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Address Viale Enrico Fermi 98, 20161 Milan. MM3 Affori

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MNJ Monday Night Jam

Viale Enrico Fermi 98, 20161 Milan. MM3 Affori