Museum exchange brings St Jerome to Milan

9 Nov-19 Feb. Caravaggio portrait shown at the Ambrosiana.

Caravaggio’s dark, moody painting of St Jerome in his Study, in the company of a human skull, will be on exhibit at Milan’s Ambrosian Art Gallery from this week until February.

This exceptional opportunity to see another of Merisi’s masterpieces is the result of a swap with the Borghese Gallery in Rome, which has borrowed in exchange the same master’s still life, the Basket of Fruit – an altogether lighter painting – from the Ambrosiana.

The 112 x 157 cm. oil on canvas painting portrays one of Caravaggio’s favourite personalities, as he also produced a portrait of St Jerome in meditation and another of him engaged in writing.

The work is something of a mystery, as it is not clear exactly when it was painted; the general consensus is around 1605-1606. It was also for a while ascribed to Ribera. However, since 1893 it has been accepted as the work of Caravaggio, often considered the most important Italian painter of the entire seventeenth century.

The Ambrosian Gallery in Milan’s Piazza Pio XI is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00-18.00. Information about ticket prices and booking on 02 659 7728.

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Museum exchange brings St Jerome to Milan

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