NavigaMI boat show

8-10 May. Sixth edition at the new Darsena.

The best of Italy’s boat-building tradition will be on show for three days at the newly restored Darsena this weekend.

Boats up to 12m overall length will be moored at the canal docks, and visitors will be allowed on board to examine the product of Italy’s famous boatyards – but stiletto heels will not be welcomed.

Milan, the Italian city with the highest number of sailor’s permits, is the capital of a region with a long-standing tradition of building both sailboats and motorboats.

Learner driver

The exhibition will also host a NavigaMI Kids area, with lessons of elementary sailing technique, knots, rafting, canoeing, and even a sailing simulator. Young sailors will also be able to try out the Shuttle Bike water-bicycle.

And not far away along the canal banks, visitors can admire one of the only two surviving barcùn, the 40m-long barges which were traditionally used for freight along the navigable waterways. Lovingly restored, the barge was returned to the water for the first time since it was last moored there in 1979, when Milan was still one of Italy’s most important ports by tonnage of freight.

The barcùn will be used for shows and other cultural initiatives associated with the history of the canals.