"No Title" recalls the Holocaust

Byelorussian theatre company for the first time in Italy

Sponsored by Milan city hall and province and the Jewish community, the Byelorussian company TeatralnY Kvadrat from Minsk presents a show called No Title, based on archive material and direct evidence from former prisoners, recalling the Shoah without re-enaction, but using symbolic material such as suitcases, menorahs, yellow cloth David’s stars and kippahs.

Twelve young actors and two musicians will recite in Russian, Byelorussian and Polish, but the principal language will be that of gesture, dance and music.

The show finishes with the reminder: “Nobody, artist, poet or actor, will ever be able to express what people felt then. Already people find it hard to believe, and probably in the future nobody will believe it any more.”

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Address Teatro Atir Ringhiera Via Boifava 17

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"No Title" recalls the Holocaust

Teatro Atir Ringhiera Via Boifava 17