Ori Gersht’s Still and Forever

1 March-6 April 2012. This exhibition, entitled Still and Forever, is the first one held in Italy by the Israeli London-based artist Ori Gersht. Gersht uses stop-motion photography and film in slow motion to create sublime scenarios, which become precipitately suspended and disturbing. His works recall historical canvases by great masters and offer a meditation on life, loss, destiny and faith. Gersht likes to catch fascinating moments, fix them in time and space to make them perceptible in a clear and precise way.

In the series Blow Up Gersht refers to the movie of the same name by the Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni. The floral composition recalls the French tricolours and he delays to the work of Henry Fantin-Latour.  The artist uses a special high resolution camera to catch the violent explosion of this still life, which evokes the dichotomy between serenity and chaos. In the movie Big Bang, he uses the same technique to catch the explosion of fragments of petals, and vase shards in the air. In Pomegranate a still life, inspired by a painting from the 17th century by the Spanish painter Juan Sànchez Cotan, is crossed by a bullet, which aims to create tensions between old masters and new technologies. On display are also some works from the series Chasing Good Fortune, created in Japan during the cherry blossom season. The artist explores historically and metaphorically the symbolism of this emblematic flower in a strange, post-atomic atmosphere.

In his works, which combine beauty and destruction, express Gersht’s critical comment to violence as well as his point of view on the absurdities that surround us. He particularly likes to explore places, where bloody wars are fought and contemporarily other people live a parallel and opposite comfortable life.

Tue-Sat 11.00-13.00, 14.30-19.00.

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Address Brand New Gallery. Via Farini 32, Milan, tel. 02 89053083.

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Ori Gersht’s Still and Forever

Brand New Gallery. Via Farini 32, Milan, tel. 02 89053083.