Orient Festival opens

Sixth festival of Asian culture

With 400 events in four pavilions, covering everything from cuisine to yoga, from martial arts to meditation, from bazaars to traditional dances, origami and ikebana, the festival promises to be a kaleidoscope of everything oriental, with a strong element of spectator participation, often free of charge.

Communities from India, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh and South Korea are organising events, as well as Morocco and Egypt.

A dedicated website lists all the events, as well as directions on how to reach the fairground, close to Linate airport.

The festival is open from 24-27 April, and again from 1-4 May, from 10.00 to 23.00.

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Address Novegro Exhibition Park

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Orient Festival opens

Novegro Exhibition Park

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