Piano City fills Milan with music

Around 470 free piano concerts all over Milan until Sunday.

Starting on Thursday 17 until Sunday 20 May, there will be 470 free piano concerts in the most unexpected places in a non-stop festival played by virtuosi, professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts.

Bank vaults, reception centres for the homeless, on board trains and trams, airport terminals and parks and gardens, as well as concert halls and private apartments and courtyards will host the seventh edition of Piano City Milano. And this year the festival has expanded out of the city into locations around the Lombardy region.

All the concerts are free of charge, but some – particularly in private homes and courtyards – require booking because of the limited space. The festival website contains a calendar which also permits booking where necessary.

The tradition started on an icy winter night in December 2011, when in Caserma Mascheroni a music marathon played by 30 pianists was the prelude to Piano City Milano.

A few months later, in May, 2012, Piano Twelve, Vinicio Capossela and a rain-soaked piano opened the first Piano City Milano event. For the first time ever, many citizens opened the door of their homes to host a concert and invited the people of Milan to enjoy a new kind of listening and socialising experience.

Following the same method, over the years the organisers wandered around town looking for new and unusual ways to describe the city: thanks to this vision, pianos boarded trams and climbed onto roofs, they rode through town on piano-bikes, and played on boats as they sailed along the Navigli.