Piano City Milano

200 pianists and 300 events 

An intense weekend, when music will be sounding in some of the city’s most unexpected places. Homes, courtyards, stations, trams, boats, museums, parks and markets will be open free, hosting scores of concerts from Mozart to Frank Zappa, Ellington to the Rolling Stones. Concerts, workshops and lessons will make the piano the leading figure of an event to confirm Milan’s international vocation.

Piano City Milano is a cultural event in which the real actors are the citizens in the audience: spectators, music fans, young talent and leading artists in the city for the third edition of the event.

All the concerts are free, although many will require booking, like those held in homes or courtyards. Booking is easy through the event website, which also has the full programme. For each event you can see whether it’s booked up, or – if it’s full up – keep checking in case somebody cancels and leaves a place free.

Piano City Milan will be inaugurated with the concert Le Piano African for 6 pianos, 2 marimbes and 4 balafons on Friday 16 May at 20.00 in the Sempione Park.

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