Pillow Fight Milano

This is the plan:

- Come to the announced location at 3:00pm on the 14th of April with a soft pillow.

- Wait for the signal.

- Don’t hit anyone who doesn’t have a pillow.

- Don’t hit anyone with anything other than a pillow.

- Swing friendly. - Have fun.

- Clean up (bring bags for feathers).

Let’s separate to two opposite groups: Whites and Blacks. The battle will be much better when adrenaline is pumping and there is the desire to beat the opponents. You choose your team. Simply wear a t-shirt in the colour of the team you want to be on and remember not to attack your teammates.


General Info

Address Arco della Pace - Piazza Sempione 1

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Pillow Fight Milano

Arco della Pace - Piazza Sempione 1

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