Punk: AB Positive

12 April-5 May 2012. Under the motto Punk is not dead, Photographia pays homage to the great interpreters of underground music, such as Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Blondie and Patti Smith.

On display are a selection of images, which immortalize the icons of punk, taken by international photographers of the caliber of Sheila Rock, Janette Beckman and Ray Stevenson. Their works return the energy and atmospheres of this dissolved and unrepeatable period.

This exhibition returns new lifeblood to this musical genre and cultural movement, which has deeply influenced western societies from the 1970s to present days, changing its blood type into AB positive.

Mon-Thurs 15.00-19.00, Fri-Sat 10.00-13.00, 15.00-19.00.

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Address Photographia. Viale Lazio 1, Milan, tel. 02 94433038.

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Punk: AB Positive

Photographia. Viale Lazio 1, Milan, tel. 02 94433038.

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