Roberto Fallani at Triennale in Milan

24 February-23 March 2012. This exhibition, entitled Seduto ad Arte ed Illuminato (Sitting in Art and Lit), displays the creations by the Italian designer Roberto Fallani. It displays an accurate selection of often patented pieces of furniture and illumination objects, which have been created using briar root, glass from Murano, optic fibers, iron, plexiglass and leather.

Throughout his career Fallani has largely interpreted the inexorable passing of time, particularly focusing on the changes of human thought and on the future. From the past Fallani catches the influence of ancient civilizations, which he re-elaborates in a contemporary way. Fallani’s works have often futuristic shapes, which represent the fantastic and technological reinterpretation of lines and style, which evoke surreal settings. Strong is the recall to the refined and prodigious atmospheres of Fritz Lang’s famous movie Metropolis.

On display is among the others an adjustable and multifunctional armchair from 2011, nicknamed Butler, which combines comfort, versatility and technology. This seat, which stands over five feet, offers a wrapping structure, which is provided with video, pc, radio, led lights, ventilation plant, a fridge drawer and a digital safe.  All devices are powered by a light and flexible photovoltaic panel, which provides green energy and electricity.

Tue-Sun 10.30-13.30, 14.30-20.00.

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Address Triennale di Milano. Viale Alemagna 6, Milan, tel. 02 72434255.

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Roberto Fallani at Triennale in Milan

Triennale di Milano. Viale Alemagna 6, Milan, tel. 02 72434255.