Rubble and Revelation

13 November-16 December 2013. The Nicola Trussardi Foundation presents Rubble and Revelation, the first Italian exhibition by the French photographer Cyprien Gaillard.

Gaillard’s works, including videos, photographs and images, are displayed inside the bakery of these military barracks which were built in 1898 and finally decommissioned in 2005.

For over a century the bakery played an important role in supplying bread to all the barracks in Lombardy as well as the city of Milan during world war two.

Gaillard reflects with dramatic beauty on destruction and decadence, which follow social and cultural transformations. He highlights the subtle links between past and present as well as between different cultures and contexts. Like a researcher or an archaeologist of the ruins of modernity, Gaillard travels the world in search of monuments of our time, which have lost their aura and symbolic power, and documents life and its progressive degradation. He catches modernist buildings, rundown neighbourhoods, crumbling skyscrapers and military fortresses and bunkers in and around Milan.

In the past years Gaillard has received international recognition and has displayed his works among the others at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and at London’s Tate Gallery.

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Address Caserma XXIV Maggio. Via Vincenzo Monti 59, Milan. Daily 10.00-20.00.

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Rubble and Revelation

Caserma XXIV Maggio. Via Vincenzo Monti 59, Milan. Daily 10.00-20.00.