Selection Comparaisons

30 June-8 July 2012. This exhibition features 88 works by 88 artists selected from the prestigious Salon Comparaisons, which takes place annually at the Grand Palais of Paris.

On display are a series of thematic groups of works, captained among others by Paul Alexis, J.J. Lapoirie, Chantal Roux, M. Destarac, Anne Moser and Neuville.

This famous Salon is considered one of the most prestigious and interesting artistic salons of the French capital. Founded in the 1950s by Jean Madec and Riccardo Licata, among others, and inspired by the great historic impressionistic salons, it compared figurative and abstract painting.

Throughout the years great artists of the caliber of Picasso, Tapies, Arman, Yves Klein, Max Ernst, Villegle, Vasarely, Mimmo Rotella, Man Ray, Salvador Dali and René Magritte displayed their works there.

After Milan this exhibition will travel to the Carlo V Castle in Lecce (20 July-12 August) and to Palazzo Zenobio in Venice (18-29 August).

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Address Galleria Zamenhof. Via Zamenhof 11, Milan. Wed-Sun 15.00-19.00.

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Selection Comparaisons

Galleria Zamenhof. Via Zamenhof 11, Milan. Wed-Sun 15.00-19.00.