10 November-22 December 2011. The recently opened Brand New Gallery, which promotes young, emerging international artists, inaugurates two exhibitions. The first one is entitled To the Ocean of Everyone Else and is the first exhibition in Italy by the Afro-American artist Shinique Smith, whose work is already well known in the United States. Smith combines the formal beauty of her sculptures, clothes, collages and objects tightened by ropes with a social criticism of the global problem of re-use and recycling. Smith investigates the problem of the growing dependence of contemporary society on material goods and encourages spectators to examine the disadvantages of a consumption-based economy.

The second exhibition is entitled Remastered and brings together the works by the young Romanian artist Zsolt Bodoni. Bodoni analyses the manipulation of images by recovering the mythological and monumental subjects of female nudes and equestrian statues. Bodoni likes to create caverns inhabited by horses wearing gas masks, languid nudes, wild animals and war machines. Beauty and death coexist one next to the other and are the constants of Bodoni

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Address Brand New Gallery. Via Farini 32, Milan.

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Shinique Smith and Zsolt Bodoni at Brand New Gallery

Brand New Gallery. Via Farini 32, Milan.