Slipknot to play in Milan

Controversial group at Mediolanum Forum

The controversial heavy metal group from Des Moines, Ohio, will give a single gig in Milan next Tuesday.
According to their Wikipedia entry, “Slipknot has been the subject of many controversies throughout their career, both for their music and their image. The lyrical content of some of Slipknot's songs has been linked to several violent and criminal incidents. One such case from 2003 involved a pair of young killers who blamed the lyrics from the song Disasterpiece for their vicious crime. Another from 2006 involved the lyrics from the song Surfacing being found at the site of a grave robbing.”
Always spectacular, the group has been out of the public eye for two years, but has now come back in force with their fifth album, The Gray Chapter.  The group, with two mysterious new members, will play after two warm-up bands.

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Address Mediolanum Forum, Assago

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Slipknot to play in Milan

Mediolanum Forum, Assago

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