Slow Brand Festival

7-13 June. Italy leads the move from Slow Food to Slow Brand.

With Slow Brand the idea of slower and less stressful living enters into the field of marketing, advertising, public relations, internet and consumption, some of the most hectic aspects of daily life. Slow Brand, which builds on the idea of Slow Food, moves us on to Slow Advertising, Slow Spaces, Slow Web and Slow Factory.

Slow Brand, promoted by Brandforum and Vivere con Lentezza, is designed to “slow down” every aspect of our stressful lives and fits with the Expo2015 theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.


The festival includes lectures, round table discussions and award winning ceremonies for each of the Slow categories. One of the inaugural forums, Slow Brand Talk, will be chaired by Patrizia Musso, founder of Slow Brand Forum and author of the book Slow Brand, published by Franco Angeli.

The festival takes place within the framework of the ninth edition of the Global Day of Slow Living (La Lunga Giornata della Lentezza). The day, which lasts a week, includes visual and performing arts, sporting activities and culinary events. Events to mark the day also take place in New York, Shanghai, London and Paris.

The inauguration of the Slow Brand Festival on 11 June is at Fondazione Feltrinelli, Via Romagnosi 3.