St Martin’s festival in Inveruno, Milan

11-13 Nov. Milan suburb hosts 410th edition of mediaeval fair.

St Martin’s Day on Saturday 11 November will see the start of the three-day “Antica Fiera di S. Martino” in Milan’s north-western suburb of Inveruno.

Celebrated there since 1607, the fair brings local gastronomic specialties and products from the Parco Ticino, for eating on the spot or for taking home.

Children in particular will appreciate the display of farm animals, horses, cattle, sheep and lambs, goats and kids and donkeys.  Farm machinery and artisanal tools will also be on display, and activists interested in sustainable agriculture will be able to take part in discussions and seminars.

The fair starts already on Friday evening with an exhibition of photos of Milan as the city once used to be.

A detailed programme of the three days of events is available on the fair website.