Stomp come back to Milan

UK group repeats successful Italy tour.

The Brighton-based group of sound artists Stomp are back with a scintillating show in a category all of its own at the Barclays Teator Nazionale.

No music, no lyrics, no spoken text, no characters: the acrobatic group carries the audience away with the pulsating rhythm of a performance played entirely on household and industrial “instruments” – rubbish bins, tyres, washboards, brooms, mops and more.

Since their foundation in 1991 by Luke Cresswell e Steve McNicholas, Stomp have entranced audiences from Broadway to Paris, from Los Angeles to Tokyo – even at Washington’s White House. Their performances are symphonic, rock, circus, tribal rite.

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Address Barclays Teatro Nazionale

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Stomp come back to Milan

Barclays Teatro Nazionale