The book of the week: Amedeo by Sebastian O'Kelly

'Amedeo Guillet is a legendary figure, a model of almost mythical status... His has been a long, adventurous life, filled with heroic deeds and guided by a sense of personal honour and patriotic service... This book has confirmed the details of an extraordinary life and justified the honoured place Amedeo has always occupied in my imagination.' Giovanni Agnelli

'A riveting biography of an old-style cavalry officer who became one of Italy's most decorated officers. Horses, sabres, women and sheer courage against the backcloth of the hard-fought battle for Abyssinia, an episode of the Second World War which contradicts many assumptions about Italian military performance.' Richard Holmes

'This thrilling story recalls bygone tales of personal gallantry and chivalry between foes, and of a chevalier sans peur et sans reproche.' Lady Mary Soames

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