The Books’ Suitcase

23 April-23 May 2012. The Books’ Suitcase is an initiative dedicated to young people, organized within the national campaign for the promotion of reading, entitled Il Maggio dei Libri (May’s Books), promoted by the Centre for the Book and Reading of the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities.

Under the motto “Reading makes for Growth”, this initiative will tour Italy, departing from Milan on 26 April, it will travel to Genoa (2 May), Parma (3-4 May), Roma (7 May), L’Aquila (8 May), Firenze (15 May), Bari (18 May), Palermo (21 May) and Naples (22 May).

The protagonists of workshops and readings are six young authors: the illustrators Brunella Baldi and Francesco Chiacchio, who meet the children of the primary schools, the writers Nadia Terranova (Junior High Schools), Igiaba Scego, Mario Desiati and Gianluca Morozzi (High Schools).

This event, developed in partnership with La Repubblica ( is expected to reach 27 institutes, 170 classes, 4250 students and 600 teachers. It will not just enter schools but also juvenile prisons, children’s hospitals youth football clubs. Its aim is to promote the involvement of kids, young men, teachers and parents to rediscover the role of books and of reading as essential communication instruments for the stimulation of the personal growth, the dialogue and the social relationships within a community. 

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Address At various venures around Italy.

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The Books’ Suitcase

At various venures around Italy.