The Color Run arrives in Milan

10 June. Start white and finish a rainbow.

Milan athletes from 2 to 80 years old will be welcome to take part in The Color Run on 10 June – a five-km race for fun and charity.

Runners, or teams of at least four, will start out wearing white T-shirts, but at every kilometre point they will be pelted with naturally safe coloured flour, to arrive at the finishing line party in rainbow hues.

Parents can even run with children in prams or push-chairs if they wish. The two objectives of the mini marathon are to have fun and to contribute to non-profit ONGs in Milan.

Registration costs between €3 for babies and €23.99 for individual adults, but there are several advantageous offers for kids up to 13, teams and family groups. In return, participants receive a kit of a T-shirt, a bandana, a sling bag, a race number bib, two tattoos and a bag of coloured flour. They can also take part in the party at the finishing line.

Launched in the USA in 2011, The Color Run has since spread to over 50 countries around the world, and to over 200 cities, including Bologna, Verona and Turin in Italy, with millions of runners. In Italy alone, over 300,000 athletes took part in the previous four editions.

This year’s run begins in the Parco Experience on the former Expo Milano 2015 grounds at 11.00 on 10 June. Enthusiasts can find more details, and sign up for the run, on the official website.