The Milan Tattoo Convention 2012

10 – 12 February 2012. The Milan Tattoo Convention is going to host some of the most important artists of the sector. Three main events are going to characterize the venue:

  • Amsterdam Tattoo Museum . The very first museum dedicated to tattooing opened last November. Memorabilia, photographs, flash and objects related to this are have been specially selected by the resident tattoo artist at the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, Daniel Sawyer, aka Danny Boy. They are on loan from the permanent collection in Holland and are on show at the Milan Tattoo Convention. 
  • Latino Art Collection. A selection of photographs, designs and paintings dedicated to Latin American culture is on show in a unique and comprehensive collection of Mexican, Chicano, Mayan and Aztec motifs. Contemporary Californian, Mexican and Latin American street culture also feature.
  • Hands Tattoo. Over 70 of the most respected and highly regarded artists in the world have interpreted their style onto hands, experimenting with the shape and 3-dimensionality of this part of the body. The artwork to create any style or adopt any technique, for two backs and two palms of the hand, has led to an amazing project which is a testament to all contemporary styles of tattooing.

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Address Hotel Quark Via Lampedusa, 11/3

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The Milan Tattoo Convention 2012

Hotel Quark Via Lampedusa, 11/3

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