Trametissage at Teatro Grassi

21-30 September 2012. The Piccolo Teatro Grassi and the Cloister of Via Rovello host the 12th edition of Tramedautore, an international festival of new drama.

The programme includes theatrical premieres, meetings with artists, video projections, stories of great contemporary authors and musical appointments.

This edition starts with the show Satyricon, created and directed by Massimo Verdastro, which offers a contemporary version of one of the Latin classical masterpieces. On 21 September at 19.00, on 22 September at 19.00 and on 23 September at 16.30 six of the best Italian playwrights, such as Antonio Tarantino, Marco Palladini, Letizia Russo, Magdalena Barile, Lina Prosa and Luca Scarlini, will perform this visionary and refined work.

On 24 September at 20.30 on stage will be I Racconti di Mandala (The Stories of Mandala), six stories connected in a sacred circle, directed by Andrea Balzola. The soprano and performer Francesca Della Monica will interact with the scenery by the English-Ethiopian video maker Theo Eshetu.

On 27 September at 21.00 and on 30 September at 16.00 the tender and excruciating drama Vita (Life), performed by the three great actors Pamela Villoresi, Emilio Bonucci and Eleonora Ivone, deals with euthanasia and the conflicts within a family as the representation of a conflict within a country.

On 28 September at 19.00 and at 21.00 a show, entitled Il Martello del Diavolo (The Hammer of the Devil) and a scenic lecture, entitled La Regina Margò (The Queen Margò), will pay homage to the great playwright Remo Binosi, ten years after his death.

A cycle of stories, composed by contemporary authors and entitled Segreti d’Autore (Author’s Secrets), will take place at the Cloister at 22.00 after the other shows: on 26 September the secrets of Vincenzo Cerami, on 27 September of Raffaele La Capria and on 30 September of Ruggero Cappuccio.

This edition concludes a special journey started in 2009 dedicated to African writing and theatre. Special homage will be paid to Rwanda (25 September at 18.30 at the Cloister) and Zimbabwe (27 September at 18.30) through the words of some of their most representative women, such as Yolande Mukagasana, Marie Louise Niwemukobwa and Tsitsi Dangarembga. On 29 September at 21.00 the great Ugandan percussionist Herman Sewanyana and the Italian-Senegalese band Kora Beat will perform a life concert, which mixes tribal African rhythms and Western jazz.

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Address Piccolo Teatro Grassi e Chiostro. Via Rovello 2, Milan, tel. 02 39 25 70 55.

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Trametissage at Teatro Grassi

Piccolo Teatro Grassi e Chiostro. Via Rovello 2, Milan, tel. 02 39 25 70 55.