Verona. Malandain Biarritz Ballet

23-25 Aug. In The Dying Swan, Spectre de la Rose, Aprés-midi d’un faune, Bolero and El Amor Brujo, choreography by Thierry Malandain. French choreographer and director of the National Choreographic Centre of Biarritz has repeatedly voiced his admiration for the “whole Diaghilev adventure” in which "The ballets were so revolutionary and changed the whole way dance was viewed in the west".

Its impact was irreversible, bringing together the greatest composers, painters, dancers and choreographers of the century. And Malandain describes himself not as an innovator, but more of a renovator – he takes ballets from the past and “plays about with them, taking the music and the qualities of my dancers as a guide” He explains that each piece he creates is inspired by the original without being a copy and the subject is treated from today’s point of view.

In Verona he presents  L'aprés-midi d'un faune, set to a score by Debussy. Other personal reworkings of what have become classic masterpieces make up the programme.

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Address Teatro Romano, tel. 0458066485

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Verona. Malandain Biarritz Ballet

Teatro Romano, tel. 0458066485