Waterborne concert on Milan’s Navigli

22 Dec. Milan gondoliers offer free concert.

For the third successive year, Milanese and visitors will enjoy a spectacular concert on 22 December, when singers and musicians will drift along Milan’s waterways around the Darsena, surrounded by ticket-holders in canoes and kayaks, dragon boats and gondolas.

Swiss Tenor Alessandro Veletta and mezzosoprano Valentina Londino will lead the waterborne parade from San Cristoforo jetty along the Naviglio Grande to the Darsena dock.

While tickets for the boating audience were immediately sold out, fans can still follow the concert free of charge from the canal banks in Milan’s popular Navigli night-life zone.

The organisers – the Canottieri San Cristoforo association – strongly recommend arriving by bike or public transport, as pedestrian traffic along the canal banks is expected to be dense.

The concert will take place on Saturday 22 December from 18.15 to 19.30.