Wired Next Fest 2014

Wired Italia welcomes geeks and others

The Italian edition of US magazine Wired is holding its annual meet-up in Milan from Friday to Sunday, 16 to 18 May, to “call into question our prejudices,” according to Italy editor Massimo Russo.

“It’ll be a fairground of innovation with an infinite number of entrance gates for everybody,” Russo added. “It’s not just for geeks.” A programme full of music, politics and culture bears out his claim.

Highlight of this year’s edition will be Saturday’s workshop on 25 years of internet. Other items of interest will include a workshop on whistle-blowing, another on fact-checking and how to spot a hoax, and a discussion on the return to fashion of fear and horror. The full programme is on the dedicated website.

Entrance free, open from 10.00 until late evening.

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Address Indro Montanelli Gardens, Corso Venezia 55, Milan

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Wired Next Fest 2014

Indro Montanelli Gardens, Corso Venezia 55, Milan

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